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Projects I can collaborate with

Lectures and Presentations

Delivering informative and engaging lectures or presentations on various topics within their field of expertise

Consultation and Mentorship

Providing one-on-one or group consultations to students seeking guidance on academic or career-related matters, as well as serving as a mentor for research projects or personal development

Curriculum Development

Creating and updating course materials, including syllabi, assignments, and assessments, to ensure relevance and alignment with educational standards and objectives

Deany J. Putra

An exceptional lecturer whose passion for the subject shines through in every session. Engaging, insightful, and truly inspiring

Yuangga Kurnia Yahya

PhD Candidate

My name is Yuangga and I am the author of this website.

I am here to call you on educational path, making every step count. Let’s embark on this journey together and uncover the wisdom that awaits us

Together, we’ll navigate the educational path, ensuring each step is purposeful and meaningful. With dedication and curiosity as our compass, we’ll explore the depths of knowledge and emerge wiser than before.

Join me on this exhilarating journey of discovery, where each lesson learned is a treasure gained. Together, let’s unlock the doors to endless possibilities and uncover the wisdom that awaits us.

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